"Sitting down filling out my mothers copy with her was fun. I learned things about her I actually never knew."

Alicia E.

"This book is the perfect tool for preserving family history, culture and traditions. I love The Makings of Me."

Moneesha W.

"If you've ever wanted to leave a part of history to your children, or let them know your story here's your chance."

Carol F.

"The Makings of Me is thought provoking."

Antonella M.

"My mother is in love with this book. I'm happy I brought it for her."

Jamaal L.

"I love the concept of how the theme of the puzzle pieces represent putting all of the pieces of your life together to determine what are the makings of yourself."

Carol M.

"Every parent should own this book."

Kyle H.

"So much history is lost from generation to generation. The Makings of Me is a perfect way to preserve a family's history and pass it down for all to read and cherish for years to come."

Deneen C.

"Awesome concept behind this book. I love the idea of sitting back and reminiscing on past experiences that either I can leave for a loved one or read a loved ones shared experiences left for me."

Diamond B. 

"The Makings of Me serves as an emotional connection with another human being. It has opened doors for me spiritually."

Chris W.

"This book is amazing. Its an opportunity to leave behind accurate information."

Gary C.

 "The Makings of Me is a masterpiece for so many reasons."

Rhonda E.